Thursday, May 20, 2010

On My Toes

I am so excited for the weekend ahead -- and two great springtime events. Friday night I'll be participating in our congregation's ladies book club, and Saturday night I'll be attending the girls' ballet recital. I will be back next week to share all the details!


Anonymous said...

ooohhh....okay, first off....what a scrumptious photo....i love anything to do with flowers..!!! so pretty!

and secondly...a book club sounds delightful...have fun!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

I am still reading the "Savannah" book. I really do like it but it is taking me awhile to get through it. (Too much busyness in my life.) Are you going to read the sequels next?

Have a great week-end. Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what you have to share with us next week.


AllyJo said...

I just found your sweet blog today and wanted to stop and say hello. I'm a member of the same church down here in Tampa, FL. Blessings to you. I look forward to following your daily notes.

Kindest regards and many blessings,
Your sister, Mrs. AllyJo. :)

Melissa Lester said...

Debbi, I'm glad you are enjoying the book! Since our book club only meets once a quarter and I want to appeal to a wide variety of tastes, we probably won't read more than the first book in a series as a group. And, of course, any within the group who really like a book can read other books by that author on their own.

A fun aspect of our meeting will be finding out the next book selection, which we will be giving out as a door prize. I am keeping our next title top-secret until the big reveal! I will share it here on the blog, too. It is a GREAT summer read, so be sure to check back.

I am not sure where you live, but we meet in Montgomery, Ala. If you would ever like to join us, let me know!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Can't wait for your reports on both!


Sheila :-)

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