Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back Tickles

Although this has been a difficult summer in many ways, the children have definitely lightened the mood with their funny antics. Here are a few moments I don't want to forget.

Ice Ice, Baby
Eight-year-old Christian burst into my bedroom recently to announce, "Guess what, Mom? I can sing the song 'Ice Ice Baby' in the new language Carson has been learning. Tkin, tkin, shu-shu. Tkin, tkin, shu-shu."

"Wow, Christian," I replied. "What language was that?"

"Mom," he replied with disdain, " 'Ice Ice Baby' is English."

King of the Castle
On our recent beach trip with Joe's family, Mary Ashley and Emma convinced a reluctant little boy cousin to play prince and princesses with them. At first, 5-year-old Reese grinned bashfully as the girls gushed over their handsome prince. But he grew tired of the game when Cinderemma demanded that he dance with her at the ball. "Can't we frow the Frisbee instead?" he offered weakly.

When Emma let him know this would not do, he capitulated and led her in a dance. But as he placed an arm on her shoulder, he put his foot down: "All right. But no tissing. I don't like tissing."

Fitting Room
Four-year-old Emma and I were shopping recently, and she encouraged me to buy a dress. I bought it without trying it on in the store and was disappointed to slip it on at home and discover it didn't fit.

"Oh, this is not going to work," I muttered under my breath. "It's too tight."

Little Emma, playing nearby, moaned dramatically, "Oh-h-h-h, no ... if it's too tight for you, that means it will be too tight for me, too."

Sugar Free
In a related story, I have made several attempts this summer at eliminating sugar from my diet. The children have taken notice, and yesterday when Emma joined me for a morning walk, she said, "Mommy, I have decided not to eat sugar anymore. I'm not going to have it for three whole days."

"Wow, Emma, that's great," I encouraged. "That's very healthy."

We walked a few more steps, and I thought I should explain, "You do know that this means no icy pops for a few days, right?"

"What?" she said, eyes wide with surprise.

We walked quietly for a bit until Emma broke the silence:

"I think I'll start that tomorrow."

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