Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy for Crepe Myrtles

Years ago when I read a southern novel that mentioned crepe myrtles, I did not know what they were. Now I look forward to enjoying the blooms of this regional favorite throughout the summer.

When Mary Ashley and Emma joined me for tea at Southern Homes and Gardens in Montgomery earlier this summer, we enjoyed seeing their crepe myrtles.

We planted several small crepe myrtles a couple of years ago, and I wasn't sure they were going to survive. But I was delighted to find our first blooms this summer. I hope one day our crepe myrtles will bloom in profusion like the one below from Southern Homes.

For now we will take what we can get!

I hope you will take some time to enjoy summer's blooms this week.

"How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence." -- Benjamin Disraeli


simplysandi said...

Lovely pictures and a lovely post!

Laura McCann said...

I have four Crepe Myrtles that have been butchered by someone that did not know how to prune correctly. It makes me sad, but they are still beautiful when they bloom so magnificently!

Judy said...

We have a whole line of them planted down one side of our privacy fence and I'm looking at them right now. Plus I have two in the front yard and one in the back, nothing says "summer" like crepe myrtles.

Hope you are feeling better. Our new little grandson will be born on Wednesday....can't wait to meet him!


Christelle said...

Oh !
Superbes photos avec deux jolies petites princesses en balade !

Sue said...

Growing up in the north, and moving to Texas only recently, we really knew nothing of crepe myrtles. Our yard has 2 small purple ones, and we love them. So wonderful to have something blooming during this long hot summer.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

YOur crepe myrtles are GORGEOUS! They are magnificent flowers!
I live in the north, but I have recently found out that there are varieties that will survive here. We plan to plant one in the fall. I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing the beauty of yours with all of us who don't have a crepe myrtle.

Mary Beth said...

The crepe myrtles are beautiful, but those photos of your girls are my favorite! They are beautiful! How blessed you are to have such sweet, precious girls and although they weren't in these pictures, precious boys too!
I love looking through your blog. It is absolutely beautiful!

Heidi said...

Thank you for reminding me of the lovely crepe myrtle trees in the back yard of the house I grew up in! So lovely!

Anna Patricia said...

Very timely stumbling upon this, we got magenta ones outside my apartment and my husband asked me what they were (I do floral arrangements I did not know the answer until I randomly went here :)

Anna Patricia said...

Hi again, I mentioned and linked this post in my blog <3


Anna Patricia said...

Hello again Melissa! I mentioned and linked you in my blog :)

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