Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Rose Tutorial

These pink paper roses are ready to add a sweet accent to Valentines, invitations or craft projects. 

Several of you asked for more details on making the paper roses that topped Mary Ashley's cupcake invitations last week, so I put together a few and snapped photos along the way to show you the process. For the roses pictured, I used a pretty, two-sided scrapbook paper (Heidi Grace Designs Baby Girl in Flourish).


Paper Roses
1. Use a paper punch to cut a scalloped circle. The larger the punch, the larger your finished rose will be. For this project I used a 3-inch scalloped circle punch.
2. Choose a point between two scallops, and cut about 1/2 inch into the circle. Trim the scalloped edge of the circle away all the way around.
3. Reserve the inside of the circle for another use, and round the edges at the beginning and end of the scalloped ring.
4. Tightly roll the ring from one end to the other.
5. Release the roll, and it will spring into a rose. If the rose is still too tight, you can manipulate the paper to give it a more full look.  


Paper Leaves
1. Punch a scalloped circle (3-inch punch used for leaves in photo).
2. Cut the scalloped circle in half.
3. Skip two scallops and cut toward the center of the circle.
4. Cut all the way around, creating narrow hearts.
5. Fold the hearts in half to create a crease and give the leaves dimension. Depending on your project, you may use the leaves as is or clip the pointed tips off to shorten the leaves.

"A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses." -- Chinese Proverb
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