Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcake Party Invitations

Mary Ashley is 7, and we're baking up some fun!
We're decorating cupcakes and we hope you will come!

I am so excited to celebrate Mary Ashley's birthday tomorrow. She has invited six friends to join us for an afternoon of baking and decorating cupcakes. I have lots of fun surprises in store for the girls and can't wait to share all of the fun with you next week. Of course, a cupcake party needs a sweet invitation ... .

This paper cupcake looks good enough to eat, and Mary Ashley and Emma loved helping me assemble these. For the cupcakes, we drizzled school glue into the bottom of a cupcake liner (actually, two liners stuck together works better to help the liner keep its shape). Next, we wadded pink paper shreds into a ball and pushed the wad into the glue. Then I hot glued a paper rose and two leaves to the top of the cupcake.
Paper roses are easy to make, and they add a sweet detail to myriad projects. (My sixth-grade Bible class students enjoyed making paper flowers to embellish get-well cards recently.) The roses pictured in this post were made using a 3-inch scalloped punch. I simply trimmed the scalloped edge and rolled the circle tight. When I let it go, the roll sprung into a rose. I made the leaves by cutting a 3-inch scalloped circle in half, then into hearts, and folding each heart in the center. A little hot glue keeps the leaves and roses in place atop the paper cupcakes. (Find more detailed instructions and photos for making paper roses here.)

Green cupcake boxes provided perfect packaging for our sweet paper cupcakes, and the window on top allowed guests to peek at the surprise inside. Find a package of 10 reasonably-priced cupcake boxes here

The cupcake boxes are shipped flat, so before I assembled them I covered the brown underside with pretty pink and white scrapbook paper. This extra detail added a little loveliness to the inside of the box.

Pretty pink ribbon from Michaels tied everything together, and cupcake tags designed by my talented designer friend Katy Larson added the finishing touch. Katy has outdone herself on printables for our cupcake party, and I cannot wait for you to see all the special touches she added to our celebration. For now, let me show you the sweet little tags she designed for our invitations.

I wanted a soft pink, yellow and green color palette for this party, and Katy designed these adorable tags for the day. The cupcake graphics tie into the style of the shredded-paper cupcakes, and Katy even added a sweet little rose accent on the top. In order to convey all the information we needed to share with party guests, Katy designed a yellow, green and pink tag. The trio looks adorable tied to the pink ribbon. The tags coordinate perfectly with the paper cupcakes inside the box, and the green cupcake liners in Katy's cupcake graphic even mimic the ribbing on the green cupcake box. I am telling you, where you think the cute would end, there is more cute!

I have so many more creative ideas and party details to share, so be sure to drop in to sample our cupcakes next week. I am delighted that my talented photographer friend Allison Hilyer will be on hand to photograph the day. I can't wait to see the images she captures!

I hope your weekend will be mixed with joy, baked with love and sprinkled with blessings!

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