Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Towel Tips & Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the tea towel doll dress giveaway. The winner of the ecru dress with embroidery and butterfly trim is Karenduchs. Karen asked what a tea towel is, and I found this helpful explanation on ehow:

The term "tea towel" originates in England and refers to the type of towel the lady of the house used to dry her china tea service as well as other valuable serving pieces. ... The tea towel's highly absorbent, lint free, soft features appealed to ladies requiring the right towel to thoroughly dry their delicate china and serve ware. The material they're made from also provides a workable background for decorating with either embroidery or printing. ... Tea towels are commonly made of linen. Linen fibers come from the flax or linseed plants, which provide the highly absorbent properties so important in the tea towel. Tea towels are also made from a linen cotton blend and various other fibers but only the pure linen is lint free.

Designed for kitchen use, tea towels work well for lining tea trays, covering warm scones or drying dishes. Decorative tea towels can be displayed -- draped over a towel rack in the bathroom, framed to hang on the wall, or overlapped across ribbon that spans a window for a sweet window treatment. And with their finished edges and delicate embroidery, tea towels offer vast crafting possibilities, as well. Spend a memorable afternoon with a little girl in your life making pillowcase-style sundresses using tea towels; this tutorial shows you how. Tea towels can be picked up inexpensively at linen shops and antique stores. And with their many uses, it is worth gathering a collection of pretty tea towels.

If you did not win today's giveaway, stop by tomorrow for another surprise -- this one designed with you in mind!

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