Friday, May 18, 2012

Across Strawberry Fields

If you haven't read my last post, I hope you will spend a few moments exploring The Other Side of Mother's Day. Your comments have really touched my heart, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

A few weeks ago the girls and I visited Cottontown, Tenn., for a ladies day at the Birdwell's Chapel Church of Christ. It was such a lovely, memorable weekend. I did not take pictures during most of trip -- which included an overnight stay at the home of new friends and a visit with my sister -- but I captured a few images around Cottontown. I know you will enjoy this taste of Tennessee.

I love taking the girls with me when I go to ladies days, but I wasn't sure if Emma would want to join me this time because her kindergarten class made their last field trip of the school year the day I was driving to Tennessee. She thought long and hard about it, but ultimately decided to join Mary Ashley and me. I was honored that she gave up a trip to the zoo with her classmates to go down a country road with me!

This pretty farm caught my eye on the way out of town.

The wildflowers were a sight to behold!

When I accepted the invitation to speak in Cottontown, I had no idea we would arrive at the peak of  strawberry season. This was an exciting time to visit for us berry-loving girls!

During the weekend we sampled homemade strawberry jam, strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake and fresh strawberries on the side. It was a strawberry girl's dream!

When our sweet hostess, Donna, made plans to go strawberry picking with her daughter, we were eager to tag along.

So after the ladies day, we headed to Bottom View Farm in nearby Portland.

The girls each grabbed a basket. Emma filled hers with berries for Jennifer's family; Mary loaded hers with fruit to take home to the boys.

Above, Donna's daughter, Emily, showed the girls how to pick strawberries. Emily is the sweetest girl -- beautiful, accomplished, well-travelled and spiritually-minded. She blogs at Emily's Beautiful Story.

Emma counted her strawberries as she picked them. She forgot a few of the numbers, and when she asked what comes after 39, I assured her that it's 39, 39, 39.

Emma was as eager to collect pretty flowers as strawberries!

While Mary Ashley kept her eye on the prize. We don't call her Strawmary Shortcake for nothing!

Sampling fresh-picked berries warmed by the sun -- there are no words.

We left Tennessee eager to share our bounty with the boys -- both berries and memories. Our weekend in Cottontown was such a blessing, and I hope we will get to go down that country road again soon.

I hope to share some of our favorite strawberry recipes next week. Have a blessed weekend!

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