Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mom's Apron Giveaway

"Mother's apron gave you assurance.
Rushing in from school or play,
even if you didn't see or hear her,
you felt better just finding that apron
hanging behind the kitchen door
or dangling across a chair.
Her apron, smelling of cookies
and starch
and Mother.
It comforted you.
It made you feel secure.
It was part of her --
like her laugh or her eyes."

~Marjorie Holmes

There is something about an apron that speaks to me of Home.

Perhaps it is the collection of aprons hanging in my kitchen and the connection they provide to Joe's late grandmother and great-grandmother. Or the memories of sitting in my grandmother's kitchen, watching her prepare my grandfather's favorite dishes -- a half-apron tied around her tiny waist. Perhaps it is because when I invite my children to help me prepare one of our favorite recipes, they practically trip over each other as they rush to pull their aprons off the hook. Or maybe it is because the first Christmas without my mother, I unwrapped the last present she had chosen for me before she died to find a monogrammed apron.

I admire aprons for their beauty, but even more I appreciate their purpose. My dictionary calls an apron "a garment covering part of the front of the body and tied at the waist, for protecting the wearer's clothing." But my heart says an apron is more purposeful than practical. You see, the simple act of putting on an apron signifies that we are ready to work. Although the labor might be messy, time-consuming or difficult, we are ready to serve. And when I put on an apron that is beautiful, I can't help but hope that my gift of service will be as well.

So as we celebrate motherhood this week, I am so pleased to offer an apron for today's giveaway.
Target carries this adorable line of aprons from Cypress Home. With pretty damask prints and cute details like a handy pocket and stylish ruffle, these aprons provide a perfect balance of form and function. Of course, this is A Little Loveliness, so y'all can guess which one I am offering.
Today's giveaway is for one pink Cypress Hill damask apron. To enter you may choose one or more of these options:

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Please leave a separate comment for each entry. I will announce the winner next week! 

(Top photo by Allison Hilyer Photography. Used with permission.)

"A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, 'where mother is.' " ~ Keith L. Brooks

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