Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Grand Garden Moments

"I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer. My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music. It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips." ~ Violette Leduc

I hope you have enjoyed this visit to The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Ala. Before we head home, we can't leave without taking a peek at the shops of Fairhope.

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." ~ Celia Thaxter


Jan said...

Beautiful little girl surrounded by the beautiful outdoors.

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Jan!

Ella said...

This garden looks so peaceful. You really captured that in your photos.
I love that Emma is dressed pretty to compliment the pretty garden. (most people on vacation dress in tees & jeans, so they don't look so gorgeous in vacation photos)
My favorite is the one of Emma looking into the water. She looks so tiny and cute.


Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Ella! I agree with your sentiments. Emma was not too thrilled with the dressier clothes I packed for her, but I knew I would be taking lots of pictures. And in such a pretty setting it seemed appropriate to dress up a bit.

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