Monday, September 3, 2012

When the End Is Near

Summer is drawing to a close, sweet friends. And as 6-year-old Emma can attest, you have to take advantage of every opportunity when the end is near. I caught this mischievous moment during our weekend trip to the beach with Joe's family.

In our rush to load the car, I did not pick up any of the children's hanging clothes. For me, this meant a little extra shopping for Sunday clothes. And for the children, it meant no beach pictures in coordinated outfits. They were thrilled to enjoy a casual, mostly camera-free weekend with their cousins. And I have to admit, I quite enjoyed the break myself.

Now I am moving out of vacation mode to share lots of special posts with you. Look for details of my nephew Jonathan's birthday party this week.

And speaking of taking advantage of opportunities, the end is near in Taste of Home's search for Mrs. Holiday. I would appreciate your vote each day through Friday. "Like" the contest page here to view entries and vote for your favorites.

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