Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reflections with Author Sandi Rog

How did the story of The Master's Wall come to be?

I wanted to write a story that I wanted to read. I also thought it would be interesting to find out what it would be like for a child during those turbulent times of the church’s beginning.

I loved learning about Jewish boys. They were required to memorize scriptures from beginning to end. The expectations were amazing.

Just as you experienced the mountaintop of the release of The Master's Wall, you entered the valley of a cancer diagnosis. Can you share a bit of this journey with us?

The very day my book released I was diagnosed with cancer. I think I may have been in shock with my diagnosis, so I wasn’t really “knocked down.” It’s very difficult to describe my emotion. I’d had a few days to digest the information because on a Friday they called me saying they found a “mass,” and on Monday it was confirmed, and I went to have a biopsy done. At the same time (because this all occurred on the same day), I was also so excited about my book releasing, I was passing out bookmarks at the hospital. Crazy.

How is your health now?

My health now is wonderful! I was just released from my oncologist because my cancer is gone! Only, it’s not gone because of any of their treatments. I used B17 (a concentrated form of apricot kernels). After doing a lot of research (thanks to my husband), and my picking up where he left off, I learned that B17 kills all cancers. You can read more about this on my blog:

What is next on the horizon for fans of your Iron and the Stone series?

I still have to write the third book, The Father’s Rock. This book comes after Yahshua’s Bridge, which is the second book in the series. Here’s the book jacket blurb of The Father’s Rock:

As a thief, all Ander knows is the master who rescued him after his parents were murdered. Ander's criminal behavior becomes an art and his passion.

During a drunken stupor, his master reveals an uncut amethyst stone shaped like a star. Ander recognizes the unique jewel that once belonged to his father—a stone passed down from generation to generation. Is it possible that the man who rescued him murdered his parents?

Disillusioned, Ander escapes his master and goes in search of his past. Little does he know, the past is waiting for him.

Thank you, Sandi! We eagerly await your next book.
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