Friday, April 22, 2016

A Friendship Party for Birds of a Feather

Springtime has granted us so many occasions to celebrate this year! Mary Ashley, a sixth-grader, will be joining our church's youth group this summer, so we wanted to give the girls in her class an opportunity to bond before they make that transition.

We decided to plan a casual Friday-night sleepover with a simple dinner menu, fun activities and an easy brunch.

I asked her beforehand if it was acceptable for me to decorate, and she was all for that. So I gathered fresh spring flowers to fill birdcages from Michael's. Pink roses highlight this centerpiece.

And white blossoms fill this smaller arrangement.

We made simple invitations to invite these birds of a feather to fly to Mary Ashley's nest for the party.

Notebooks and pencils at each place provided little surprises to greet the girls upon arrival.

And cupcakes from the bakery at Walmart added a bit of sweetness.

A rounded vase was perfect for this birdcage. Usually I slip a few stems into the arrangement, close the lid, and tuck in the last blossoms for a birdcage centerpiece. These blooms were so full, though, that I let the flowers spill from the container.

Mary Ashley's menu of choice for Friday night was pizza. We also kept snacks and sodas on hand for the evening. In the morning, we enjoyed a pancake buffet, bacon, and lemon slush punch.

The activities for the night included making scented lip balms (a craft kit one of the guests bought), decorating pillowcases to pack for upcoming youth trips, and writing each other encouraging notes. Plus there was plenty of singing, some movie watching, and maybe just a little sleeping.

Our group was small, but this party of five could not have been sweeter. They seemed to enjoy being together without any of the drama that can sometimes put a damper on the fun for girls this age.

With our family's hectic spring schedule, I wasn't sure if we would be able to work in this girl time. But in the end, I am so glad we made it happen.

Because as I told the girls before we offered thanks for our food, the friendships that will sustain them throughout life will be the ones with their Christian sisters.

I hope they had a great time last weekend.

And look forward to watching them grow into young women over the next few years. Our youth group is about to get even more special!

Have a lovely weekend!

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