Wednesday, April 6, 2016

French Patisserie Tea Party Fun & Favors

"It is a happy talent to know how to play." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we welcomed Emma's classes from school and church for her recent French Patisserie Tea Party, I knew we would need some activities to keep us occupied during the afternoon. The birthday girl wanted to do a craft, but the size of our guest list made that prospect a little difficult. Ultimately, we decided to have a movie time and hoped the weather would cooperate for a few outdoor games.

About an hour before party time, I tasked Mary Ashley with popping popcorn and Emma with setting up our movie, American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success. (Find our choice of gourmet popping corn here.)

This is the cutest film! I must admit, when Emma and I watched Grace Stirs Up Success for the first time together, she fell asleep and I kept watching to the end. The story follows an American girl who visits relatives in Paris and has the opportunity to work in her uncle's pastry shop. The budding baker discovers recipes for success in cooking, business and relationships. The theme was perfect for our party!

Paper bowls from Hobby Lobby offered a just-right size for snacking during the movie, and little bottles of soda kept thirst at bay.

Many of the girls piled in to watch the movie.

We watched for a while, then moved on to our teatime when the girls started to get restless.

The girls used their best manners to fill their plates with an array of confections.

Visit Monday's post for more details of our menu ... and many drool-worthy photos of macarons.

Here is our "tenager" taking her turn choosing some sweet treats.

After tea, Emma opened a mountain of gifts from all her sweet girlfriends.

Our weather turned stormy on the day of Emma's party, leaving our yard a bit muddy, so we did not go outside for games. Among the activities I had planned, we were going to play Escargot on the driveway. Read the details of this classic children's game above.

Finding cute but economical favors was a challenge, considering the size of our group. I was delighted to find little notebooks at Michaels, along with bundles of colored pencils.

I bought as many as I could find that read "Let's go to Paris," then gathered coordinating styles to amass the number I needed. The colored pencils were found in Michaels' Easter section, and I loved their rustic look. A variety of ribbons from my stash finished off our favors nicely.

As the party drew to a close, I placed a basket of favors on the front porch so all the girls could choose their favorite styles. Many started writing in their travel journals immediately, and I hope they will use them in the days to come for recording happy memories.

I hope you enjoyed visiting Emma's Patisserie! Don't forget to leave a comment on this French Inspiration Post for your opportunity to win a bundle of inspiring magazines. I will announce the winner in Friday's party wrap-up.


Deborah said...

Lovely as always. I'm missed the frequency of your blog posts. Thanks for sharing Emma's sweet party.

Alinda said...

Melissa, it has been such a treat to see your birthday posts again!! The beauty displayed on your blog is clearly an extension of your heart and makes visiting here such a pleasure. Happy Birthday to Emma!

mguising said...
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Michelle said...

I've been following your posts ever since your bracelet tutorial way back when. My 6 year old and I LOVE this movie (actually we like all the American Girl movies :) and for her Barbie birthday party this past month, we too did macarons (in Barbie pink of course), However, she didn't like them as much as the cake :)

Love the journal idea and might do that for a class gift as well, might need a different look though for the boys.

Great ideas as always.

Sue said...

The little notebooks are the perfect touch and so cute!

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