Monday, October 16, 2017

Roses in October

"And then the rose-border. What intensity in those odorous buds of the Bon Silene, making the very spirit bound as though a message had reached it from heaven." ~ Sarah Smiley

Since we moved to Birmingham, I have had grand intentions of visiting the city's botanical gardens at least once every few months to view each season's blossoms. I haven't done so well at visiting regularly, but Antiques at the Gardens offered a perfect opportunity for joining a friend for an afternoon of loveliness. After we perused the antiques show, we paused for lunch on the terrace of the onsite cafe then spent a couple of hours strolling the grounds. A highlight of the trip was discovering that the rose gardens are still in full bloom. In this flower-filled post, view some of the amazing buds that piqued our attention. And if you get the opportunity, invite one of your amazing buds to take a peek at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens!

Look for more garden beauty to come in upcoming posts!


Sylvia said...

I love roses, these are so pretty!
My sister lives about 30 minutes outside Birmingham.
I would love to visit the gardens.

A Joyful Chaos said...

They're absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to visit the gardens someday, actually I'd love to build my own botanical garden someday. :)

Lovely, lovely blog. Glad I found it today.


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