Friday, July 17, 2009

To Thoughtful You ...

From Grateful Me

Dear friends, thank you so much for your recent words of encouragement and prayers on my behalf. My epidural went well Monday, and as of today I am walking tall and feeling great relief. Some of you have revealed your own struggles with chronic pain, and I appreciate your sharing those experiences with me. It is such a blessing to share life's journey with faithful friends, and I pray God's richest blessings on all of you.

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up" (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).

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Allidink said...

Glad to hear you are better :)

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Melissa, I am so happy to hear this. Have wonderful summerdays, touching the sky again.
Godeliva van Ariadone

Elise said...

Hi Melissa,

Good to hear that you are feeling so much better. Onwards and upwards !

Anita said...

Very glad you are feeling better.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is good news, and I'm always happy to hear that my favorite people are doing well, and you are one of those, Melissa! You give so much to others that I hope it is multiplied back to you many times over!


Sheila :-)

Mary Beth said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. You are such an amazing inspiration! For all of us to see all of your beautiful accomplishments (children of course included) and then to find out that you have had chronic pain throughout... it's amazing! God has blessed you and what's better is that it is obvious that you honor Him every day, even through your trials.

Dell Miller, Owner said...

First, I hope you are feeling better.
I found your blog by mistake and what a beautiful blog it is. You are so into detail and I will never be like you but I strive to do better in all I do because of beautiful people like you.

I was looking through your topics and came across where you taught a class on 10 undre $10.00.
Do you have a book out on this class, or a seprate blog where you would share those ideas? With the economy as it is I need all the help I can get, not to metion I LOVE to do gifts from the home because I feel like they come from the heart.

Thank you and I do hope you see this and would email me back.
Thank you
Sally Miller @

Family American Style. said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. There is something new on Wednesday. Its, “What would your children say?” Wednesday. I hope you can join the fun.

Workin' MAMA! said...

Melissa! How great to see that you're doing well -
The powerful hands of our GOD are amazing, huh? Coupled with the wisdom and intelligence of doctors and medicine, that only HE can provide -
He's an awesome GOD!

I know you're already on to your next project! Please pass along some of that energy through these electronic modems PLEASE!
I need to do some 'summer cleaning' before 'back to school' and I'm aiming for a yardsale!

working mama in the northwest!

MaryCaroline said...

What wonderful news that you have found relief from your pain! Keeping you in my prayers . . .

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

So happy that you're felling better.

Nancy said...

prayers of thanksgiving :) may you continue to be pain free!

julie said...

Hi Melissa! I am so glad you are doing better! I will say a prayer for you! Thanks so much for coming to visit and welcoming me to blog land! I am having fun already! I am excited you are a follower! Thanks for the support! Julie

E and T said...

Hi Melissa

It is wonderful to hear that you are feeling relief from your chronic pain. I pray that you will continue to be pain free.

All of the guests at Lizzy's pony party were treated to so many wonderful surprises - pony rides, an awesome cake and those darling buckets. What a memoroable party.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better. I wanted to let you know that I made your Layered Pizza Dip for my BUNCO group this week. It was easy to make and so delicious and the gang loved it. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I also plan to make your Wedding Cake decoration for my niece's bridal shower this August. I enjoyed reading about your parties - the yummy food and beautiful cakes, the tablescapes and decorations are out of this world. And your children are so lovely...

Teacup Lady (Sandy)

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Sandy! I'm so glad you visit and hope you will drop by anytime!

Vonda Chalfant said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your feeling better, Melissa. I will continue to pray you will be free of pain. May God bless and be with you.

Hugs and Prayers,
Janet in P.C. Florida

Paula said...

So glad to hear you are feeling relief from your pain.

I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and have had a great deal of pleasure reading through your archives. Your ideas are so inspiring and your photos are always beautiful. As a mother of young children, I particularly enjoy reading about your lovely little ones. Your blog is indeed a little piece of loveliness on the web.

With my third child due any day now, I know I shall have to put my creative endeavors on hold for a while, so I will enjoy visiting your blog and enjoying your lovely ideas and photos until I have the time and energy to start crafting and sewing again.

With best wishes,
Paula (UK)

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