Thursday, November 19, 2009

The End of the Word as We Know It

At supper recently, 7-year-old Christian used used an impolite term to refer to his rear end. "Oh, Christian," I urged, "let's not call it that. It doesn't sound very nice."

"Well, then, what should I call it?" he replied. "My derriere?"

Joe laughed at this and said, "Sure, Christian, if you can spell it you can say it."

"OK," Christian said, squinting in concentration. "D-A-I-R-Y, space, A-I-R."

Joe and I immediately erupted in laughter, so Christian explained, "You know ... . Like, I went to the fair and got kicked in the dairy air."


Susan Wicker said...

Oh Melissa, that was hilarious. I'll always remember "dairy air." ha ha ha ha ha You started my day off with a good hoot. Thanks for sharing! Sincerely, Susan from

BECKY said...

Oh this is hilarious!! Sounds like something my kids would say!!
Thanks for the smiles and have a lovely day!!

Queen Pea said...

too cute!

Tracy said...

Kids do say the funniest things! :)

Honorablyfallen said...

hey , I received my tea yesterday and boy was I excited when I saw it! But then when I opened the bag !!!OOOoooOO how delicious! it made me long.. no not long ACHE for summer. As desert tea or instead of hot cocoa I would totally indulge in Southern Pecan ! My only suggestion would be for my personal taste would be to steep for 3 mins instead of 5 but other than personal steep tweeking its wonderful..thank you so much I will enjoy it by the cups full on the front porch wrapped up in my favorite sweater. ~Sarahlynn

Nancy said...

priceless :)

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