Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bubblegum Blow-Out Decor

Daughter Emma's bubbly personality inspired a cheerful bubblegum theme carried out with a playful palette of pink, lime, tiffany blue and yellow.

Gumballs, gumballs everywhere! Pops of color and printables from Katy Larson helped bring the theme together with vintage charm. Here is a view of our stereo cabinet turned buffet turned candy shoppe:

Paper lanterns (pink, yellow and green) suspended from the ceiling with Command Adhesive Mini Hooks looked like gumballs in our happy space.

A happy birthday banner spelled out our excitement for Emma's 5th birthday, and a framed silhouette of the Birthday Girl took center stage on the buffet.

This will be a sweet addition to Emma's room now that the party is over.

Gumballs from Party City filled apothecary jars and vases. We used bright pink, kiwi green, yellow, tiffany blue and pearl white for our celebration.

Can you guess how many gumballs are in the jar pictured below?

I was interrupted several times while trying to fill the jar, but when all was said and done, the final number was ...


This bubblegum machine print will also be cute in Emma's room. (Notice the vintage 5 cent sign, perfect for a 5th birthday celebration.)

We invited all the little girls from Emma's Bible and preschool classes, so I rented tables, chairs and white tablecloths for the children from The Wedding Center in Montgomery. I did not know how many to expect for the party, so I decided not to put out plates and napkins before guests arrived. The tables needed color, so I criss-crossed lengths of ribbon across the table for a whimsical look. Later I sprinkled the table with scalloped tags designed for the party (shown in the collage earlier in this post).

The centerpiece of each table was an arrangement of cut flowers slipped into the smaller of two vases. Days before the party Mary Ashley helped me fill in the space between the two vases with gumballs. Here is a view of the whole room, ready for the party:

A bubblegum blow-out for a sweet, bubbly girl!

Still to come: food, fun and favors. Tomorrow, a menu that pops!

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