Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bubblegum Blow-Out Invitation

I apologize for keeping you in suspense on Friday's book club selection giveaway, The Wedding Machine by Beth Webb Hart. Our house has been a revolving door of people since our hot water heater caused flooding from the attic to the first floor. What I thought was going to be a stressful process has thus far been a blessed experience. I can't wait to share the dramatic results of the home makeover still to come, but for now I will share the results of the giveaway ... at the end of this post.

Something else you have been waiting for: photos from Emma's recent birthday party. At 5, Emma still loves candy, so we opted for a variation of the candy shoppe birthday theme with the focus on bubblegum. Emma's Bubblegum Blow-Out was a sweet celebration with bright pastels and loads of vintage charm. Our invitation set the tone for the sweet surprises to come.

Our Bubbly Emma Is Turning 5!
Please Join Us for a Big Blow-Out!

Last year Wal-Mart carried an adorable assortment of plastic gumball machines for $1 each in their selection of Easter candy. When I tucked them into Easter baskets, I thought how cute they would be for party favors or invitations. I considered purchasing some more just in case and have been kicking myself that I did not. I purchased pink Valentine gumball machines at Wal-Mart for Emma's invitations this year, hoping that if I delayed long enough I might be able to exchange them for the Easter ones. It seems retailers begin marketing seasonal merchandise earlier every year, but I stalked Wal-Mart to no avail. So our pink heart-shaped bubblegum machines had to do -- and perhaps they were a better fit anyway for my "early Valentine's" birthday.

Graphic designer Katy Larson and I had a ball with this theme, and I can't wait to show you all the printables she designed for the party. A silhouette of Emma blowing a bubble -- complete with hairbow and monogram -- gave us a great jumping-off point for developing the theme. With fun graphics and ginghams, I can't wait to share the details of this party! For our invitations, we shared party details on 3-inch scalloped tags tied to the gumball machines.

I have lots of party details to share, including ideas for food, activities and decor. I will do my best to get those posted regularly over the next week or so.
In the meantime, the copy of The Wedding Machine -- chosen by random number generator -- goes to Mary. When I clicked on her comment, I discovered that Mary was my Mary Ramsey -- the sweet girl I babysat regularly when I was in high school. We corresponded through the years even after I moved to another state, and I am so proud of the beautiful lady she has grown into. She is now a wife, mother and teacher, but still the bubbly, beautiful girl who brought such joy to my life all those years ago. Congratulations, Mary! I hope you will enjoy the book .. and we need to catch up!
Blessings to you, friends!
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