Friday, March 11, 2011

Bubblegum Blow-Out Menu

To go along with our vintage bubblegum blow-out birthday theme, we served Emma's Soda Pop in repurposed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. I amassed a collection of more than 30 bottles with help from friends and plan to keep them for future parties. In fact, I have already loaned them to a friend who plans to use them for a vintage-inspired bridal shower.

We served pink lemonade punch for the party. I mixed up the concentrate ahead of time and filled bottles at serving time with a third of the concentrate and two-thirds Sprite

Kool-Aid Punch

3 packets Kool-Aid, any flavor (we used Pink Lemonade)
3 cups sugar
1 large can unsweetened pineapple juice
Sprite (Three 2-liters per gallon of concentrate)

Combine Kool-Aid packets, sugar, pineapple juice and enough water to fill a gallon container and chill. This will be the punch concentrate. To serve, combine 1/3 gallon of the concentrate, one 2-liter of Sprite and ice. Refill as needed.

A Bottle of Giggles

When Emma had a friend over for a playdate last week, I gave them bottles of leftover punch with lunch. "Mmmm, I really like your soda pop, Emma," I teased.

Emma's friend's eyes widened. "Emma, you have your own soda pop?" she asked.

Emma looked at the label, calling out "E-M-M-A" as she traced her finger across the text. "I guess I do," she confessed with a shrug.

Alyssa was quite impressed!

(Labels from Katy Larson and straws from The Sugar Diva.)

In keeping with our bubblegum theme, I just had to try making bubblegum ice cream. I found a recipe here and tried it the weekend before the party (shown above). The flavor was interesting, but did not live up to my expectations. So in the end, we served a bubblegum-pink colored strawberry ice cream. Strawberry ice cream was actually a much better complement to our strawberry lemonade punch and pink lemonade cake with buttercream icing.

For years I have wanted to make a gumball machine cake. I made our cake with alternating layers of lemon and strawberry cake, for a total of six 6-inch round layers. I had a lot of trouble with my icing this time, but simply did not have time to start over. I was disappointed with the results, shown below, so I might have to give this one another go down the road.

Wooden dowels inserted into the cake support a round vase of gumballs topped with a planter lid and ceramic knob. I wasn't pleased with the finished look of the cake, but it tasted great and was a hit with the Birthday Girl.

Emma requested a #5 candle for her birthday. After we sang "Happy Birthday," she lingered in front of the cake giggling bashfully before we finally coaxed her to blow out the candle. I think she was savoring the moment!

Still to come, more fun and favors. Happy weekend, friend!
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