Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ballet Recital Party Menu

"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word." ~ Mata Hari

Ballet Recital Menu

Turkey Croissants
Tomato-Corn Tarts
Crudites with Ranch
Goat Cheese Spread with Crackers
Fresh Strawberries and Fruit Dip
Goat Cheese Spread with Crackers
Pirouette Cookies
Pavlova with Lemon Cream and Berries
Cream Puff Swans
Fruited Tea Punch

My little ballerinas were so helpful in getting our menu to the table for our pre-recital soiree. Emma loves fresh vegetables with dip, so she was eager to fill these votives with dressing, carrots and celery.

Mary Ashley put these turkey croissants together for those who wanted a sandwich before the show.

I combined a few recipes to make these tomato-corn tarts. I'm still perfecting the recipe, so I hope to share that soon.

I kept the savory components of our menu simple so I could focus on the sweets. I wanted to present a trio of ballet-themed choices. The star of our menu was this Pavlova with lemon cream and berries. Pavlova was named for Anna Pavlova, the most famous Russian ballerina of the 20th Century. Find this delicious Southern Living recipe here.

I also made cream puff swans for the first time, and I was so pleased with how they turned out. My first visit to famed Elmwood Inn in Perryville, Ky., for tea time, the theme was "Tea at the Ballet." Rising above the other delicacies on the menu were graceful cream puff swans. Ever since, I have considered cream puff swans the epitome of tea time at the ballet. For many years I wanted to attempt them, but I was too intimidated. But they turned out so well and were much simpler than I imagined. I will share the recipe tomorrow.

The greatest treat of the afternoon was taking time out of a hectic spring day to enjoy quiet conversation with loved ones. Stay tuned for more details!

"I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words." ~ Ruth St. Denis


Sylvia said...

Christina introduced me to Pavlova about a year ago. I made one for the ladies in Rebecca's office and one described it as: "It is sweet delicious air!". I also learned it is the national dessert of New Zealand. Easy to make and impressive to serve.

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