Monday, April 21, 2008

Emma at Play

Wistful Thinking

Emma takes a break on Meme and D-Dad's new outdoor playset.

At Oxford Lake, Emma loved going down the slide head first.

Profile of a cutie.

Sisters make great playmates!

Photos by Bob Prichard

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Leah said...

These are great pictures of the girls! And the boys are such impressive artists!!

Mom of 4 Maniacs said...

your girls are so pretty!

Robin Taylor Holley said...

Oh, Melissa your children are so precious. Love, love those outfits!!

Kristi said...

Your girls are so pretty. I hope they continue to love each other so much during the next few years! :)

Unknown said...

The pic of Mary Ashley sitting with Dora looks JUST LIKE YOU!! The last one of them together is priceless. Grandparents are so wonderful...don't you feel so blessed! I hope you have lots of frames handy for these em'!!

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