Sunday, April 6, 2008

Prayer Request

Joe has been admitted to the hospital after his third trip to the emergency room within the week. He will have tests tomorrow and will probably need to have his gall bladder removed, although we don't know when and where. He is in a lot of pain, but is still managing to crack jokes even feeling his worst. Joe's mother has come into town and friends have the children for now, so we are managing well. I know that you are all so faithful to pray, though, and just in asking you I feel comfort because I know that you will.

Even in the worst of situations, there is always something to make us smile. The girls had taken off their Sunday best when we got home from morning worship, so I hurriedly dressed them so we could take Joe back to the emergency room. Mary Ashley always wants to wear dresses, so I chose one that didn't need to be ironed: a cute turquoise and white seersucker sleeveless dress with round collar. Matching shoes and hair bow were nearby, so this was easy. Confident I would get no complaints, I said, "You do want to wear a dress, right?"

I know that I shouldn't have opened this up for discussion, but didn't think about it until she replied, "Um, no, I think this time I want to wear pants and a shirt." Realizing I shouldn't have asked her opinion, I slipped it over her head anyway and told her that we really didn't have a moment to spend choosing something else.

Immediately her eyes filled with tears, and I could tell she was trying not to cry. "But, Mommy," she began, voice breaking, as she looked down at the dress. "It doesn't even have a monogram!"

"Well, Mary Ashley, sometimes in an emergency, we just don't have time to worry about monograms." So, you see, we are all pulling together and making sacrifices for the sake of the family -- even the princesses among us. Thank you for your prayers!
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