Monday, April 21, 2008

The Girls, Grandparents and Good Times

My parents kept the girls overnight this past weekend so I could do the ladies day in Cedartown, Ga. I knew Mary Ashley would be excited to have some uninterrupted time with Meme and D-Dad, but I was a little worried that Emma might have some separation anxiety when I left for Georgia. Especially since Joe's recent hospital stay, Emma has been worried to let me out of her sight. She wanted to be held a lot Friday, so I was a little worried as the time of my departure neared. But when Mary Ashley mentioned that she was hungry, my mom put out snacks for the girls. Emma lit up when she saw food, toddled into the kitchen and sang out, "Bye-bye, Mommy!" Who knew all it took to replace me was a handful of Goldfish?

I don't think either of the girls slowed down long enough over the weekend to realize I was gone. Mary Ashley and Emma had a wonderful time playing outside at Meme and D-Dad's house Friday, eating pizza and watching a movie. And Saturday was packed with fun. After meeting a celebrity at a local store, the girls were treated to lunch out and afternoon play at Oxford Lake. The girls made lots of special memories during their visit and can't wait to spend time with Meme and D-Dad again soon. I am so thankful for the special relationships our children enjoy with their grandparents -- and also for the beautiful images my dad captured of their time together!

Mary Ashley loved picking flowers for Mother and me at Oxford Lake. She was adept at handling all the playground equipment with a bouquet in hand. She caught the eye of a little boy a couple of years older than her, and he followed her around the park picking flowers for her and trying to make her laugh with silly tricks.

Enjoying the view from the top.

Ready to go down the big slide!

My parents took the girls to meet Dora at a local store Saturday, and Mary Ashley was eager to sit with her. Christian was a little jealous when he saw this photo on our computer Saturday night. "Hey!" he said. "Did Mary Ashley go to Disney World yesterday?" I assured him that no, she did not go to Disney World, just to Meme and D-Dad's. In his mind, though, I think this was worse because the children love to spend time with their grandparents!

Photos by Bob Prichard

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