Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beach Boys

Our boys of summer feel right at home on the beach -- building sand castles, riding waves and racing across the shore. During our vacation, we awoke one morning to the sounds of Christian running through our beach-side condominium. When Joe asked what he was doing, he explained, "I'm trying to burn some energy." We made sure the boys had plenty of time to play outside each day. One day, when Christian tired of the sand and sun, he asked to go inside to watch TV. "I really need to go in," he pleaded. "I think I'm seasick." Before too long, though, he was ready to head back out. And now that we are back home, we are all feeling "sunsick," wishing we could spend another day on the beach.

Carson has grown so much since we visited the beach last year.

Christian looked like a golden brown sugar cookie after rolling around in the sand.

Catching waves and smiles.

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