Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Intersection of Fourth and Main

We spent the Fourth of July on Main Street, U.S.A. We went to Georgia to watch Joe's parents perform in a community production of The Music Man. There is an active arts community in LaGrange, and Joe's parents have enjoyed singing in choruses since they retired.

With our four children and Joe's brother's two boys in the audience, Joe's parents definitely had the cutest fan club! Seated on the front row, we had a prime location for watching all the action -- and taking lots of great pictures. (Without my flash, of course. I know my theater etiquette.)

After the show, Joe chatted with his high school English and chorus teachers. Both complimented his parents' performances and said they are a lot of fun to work with. "You should be proud," they told Joe. "You've raised such good parents." That is a role reversal you just don't get to experience every day!

We all enjoyed the show. The children were all smiles throughout the performance, and 2-year-old Emma swung her feet in time to the music. Emma clapped enthusiastically throughout the show, and during the curtain call cheered, "Yea, Nana! Yea, Pop!"

Joe's dad, Louis, is seated on the bench on the right for the opening number.

The community came together for a great performance.

Joe's parents step into the spotlight, referencing American Gothic.

A lovely shot of Joe's mom.

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