Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surfer Girls

The girls really progressed during our beach trip last week. They went from being afraid of the ocean at the beginning of the week to splashing in the surf on our last day. Emma loved holding my hands to jump into the pool at the condo, and Mary Ashley loved playing princesses and doing ballet in the water.

Mary Ashley wasn't sure she wanted to play on the beach until I reminded her that picking up shells would be just like picking flowers at home.

Emma loved playing on the beach. She would bring me handfuls of sand, excited to show me the cakes and casseroles she had made. What a good Southern baby!

Sun, sand and swimming will really zap your energy. Mary Ashley is a delicate flower anyway, so she wilted by mid-afternoon after a couple of hours on the beach. When Joe headed out to run some errands one day, Mary Ashley told me, "I will be wide asleep by the time Daddy gets back."

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