Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Little Chef

Seven-year-old Christian aspires to be a chef and talks often about owning his own ice cream shop when he grows up. He promises that his dad and I will get free ice cream when we visit Christian's Scoops. Always quick to tease, Joe asked him, "Will we still get a free scoop even if you aren't there?" Christian assured him that we would, but Joe pressed, "Well, how do you know we'll still get ice cream? Will your employees know us, or will we need to tell them who we are?"

Exasperated, Christian responded with an eye roll: "Of course, they will. It will be Mary and Emma!"

Christian is always eager to join me in the kitchen, so I thought he was long overdue for an apron. Now a canvas apron in his favorite color bears a logo for the ice cream shop of his dreams.

Tomorrow, I'll share two of Christian's favorite recipes that demonstrate that it's good to be sloppy on the rocky road to becoming a chef!

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