Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Simple Joys

When back problems slowed my pace this summer, one of the blessings of my down time was discovering author Beverly Lewis. Publishers Weekly calls Lewis "one of Christian fiction's most beloved authors and gentle reads." Her novels transport readers to Pennsylvania Dutch country, where unfolding drama reveals that although life among the Old Order Amish community may be plain, it is not always simple. ForeWord Magazine describes her writing as "richly patterned as [Amish] quilts, and just as enjoyable to get wrapped up in." Find the Heritage of Lancaster County series here and the Annie's People series here.
Have you snuggled up with any must-read books this summer?


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Melissa, I wish I could start reading her too. I will look for her at I remember the terrible killing of the girls in their school a few years ago. Was that overthere ? It is a monument, don;t you think, this Amish comunity. In The Netherlands we still have some villages with similar historic customs f.e. Staphorst.
Thank you for this post.
Have a wonderful day. Please read also when not suffering from backache. Be well, my friend

Marie said...

Beverly Lewis is a great author. I also like books by Wanda Brumstetter. I don't know why I am drawn to books about the Amish. It may be their lifestyle or my love of quilts.
I hope your back feels better soon.

Tracy said...

I enjoy Beverly Lewis' books, too. Love your mosaic! :)

Love Being a Nonny said...

I've read her them! The Shunning was so good...I think that may have been the one that got me started on her books!

I also love Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers.

Hope this finds you well and pain free as you read!

Jessica said...

redeeming love by francine rivers.

Melissa Lester said...

Love Being a Nonny, The Shunning was the first book I read by Beverly Lewis, too! I didn't get the other two books in the series, and when my husband went to pick them up for me, he couldn't find them but purchased several more of her series. So I read the Annie's People series next, and now I am reading the two books that follow The Shunning. What a great series!

Deanna said...

Sure hope your back is much better.
I grew an interest in the Amish many years ago.

Not too far from where I live now is a Amish Community near Hutchinson, Kansas. I found some great recipes on the internet I hope to try out.

I am glad that we have photographs to enjoy. I don't believe they have photos...something about images.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what kind of camera you have? You take beautiful pictures. I don't know you...and am not sure who referred me to your blog. But everything you do is absolutley amazing!!

Ms. Elaine said...

I too love Beverly Lewis. For those who work reading them audio on the way to work is a great start and end to the work day. I just wich there were more.

Melissa Lester said...

April, thanks for the compliments! I use a Sony 600 DSLR and love it!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Haven't read any Beverly Lewis books (I'll have to pick some up though...) but I have read a few good books this summer. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Summers was so engaging, I couldn't put them down. And another good read was My Sister's Keeper, although not Christian, still pulled at the heartstrings of parenthood. Thanks for the recommendations. Hope your back is feeling better.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I like Beverly Lewis a lot. By the way...I made your fruit pizza this weekend for Lorelai's birthday. Everybody RAVED over it.

faithful love said...

Haven't read Beverly Lewis, but I had read almost all of Karen Kingsbury, her Redemption series is outstanding and hard to put down. I also love Dee Henderson...her Baxter family series is great..especially if you like a little mystery, a modern day setting...they were all orphans that form a family and have high risk jobs as adults...Karen has a wonderful children's book called "Let Me Hold You Longer" about how we celebrate so many "firsts" in our kids lives, we fail to realize when we are experiencing their "lasts"....tear-jerker.....really good thought provoker...great baby shower gift...
You have beautiful things on your site..thank you for sharing..

Beth said...

I am enjoying a series of books by Susan May Warren who writes Christian fiction novels. I have probably spent too much time reading but I am enjoying them.

Anonymous said...

I love all of Karen Kingsbury books, if you haven't read any yet give one a try and you will be hooked.

Patricia Neely-Dorsey said...

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