Monday, July 6, 2009

Park Amusement

Joe recently spent an exciting day with Carson, Christian and a school friend at Six Flags over Georgia. They arrived as soon as the park opened, and Joe hurried the boys to the far side of the park to take advantage of rides before the crowds migrated through the park. The first attraction they reached was the Ninja. This daunting roller coaster is custom-built over water with five inversions. According to Wikipedia, "Ninja is known as one of the most rough and intense coasters in the nation." This attraction was probably not the best one to ease the boys into a day of rides -- especially Carson's friend who had never ridden a roller coaster -- but lured by its immediate availability, they headed to the front of the line.

Clearly shaken after the Ninja, 10-year-old Carson and his friend were not eager to board many of the park's other coasters. But 7-year-old Christian was fearless and jumped at the chance to ride everything his height would allow. In fact, after a particularly intense coaster, Christian surprised Joe by asking to ride it again immediately. "Really?" Joe asked in amazement.

"Yes," Christian insisted with a toothless grin. "When you ride that one two times in a row, you feel really good about yourself."

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