Monday, December 7, 2009

Light Saber Invitations

Invited You Are to a Birthday Party

For Jedi Knight Christian Lester

Report for Jedi Training

Saturday, December 5th, 2 P.M.

And May the Force Be With You

Christian's birthday invitations were a lot of fun to make. I used textured scrapbook papers from Hobby Lobby for both the handle and blade. I covered toilet paper rolls with silver paper for the handles, then cut strips of vellum printed with party details. Glued to the silver, they made ridges on the handle. A red button glued to the handle completed the look.

When I was working on the text, I asked Christian what levels Star Wars characters achieved in Jedi training. He told me there are Younglings, Padawans, Jedis, Jedi Knights and Jedi Knight Masters. I asked him if he would be a Youngling, and he gave me a look. "Ugh, no, Mom," he corrected. "I would be a Jedi Knight." What was I thinking?

These sparkly red, blue and green papers made great light saber blades. I rolled a half-sheet for each one and secured it with hot glue. I found that using a wooden spoon or wooden dowel helped with this process. Then I glued the blade just inside the handle.

The Force is strong with this one.

Please come back this week for all the Star Wars party fun!

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