Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Stars of Our Star Wars Party

Simple costumes helped the children get into character for Christian's Star Wars themed party. I cut no-sew tunics for the boys and asked the Junior Jedi Knights to bring belts. I purchased all fabrics and trims for this project at Wal-Mart.

Princess Mary Ash-Leia looked stunning in a long white tunic worn over her white knit turtleneck and pants. A strand of gold beads tied around her waist made a shiny belt, and Princess Leia's trademark hairstyle completed the look. I think this costume brought out a new side to my little Jedi princess ... .

I don't think I've ever seen my dainty little Mary Ashley climb a tree! Perhaps she did it at the urging of this character ...

Queen Emma-dala!

(Although with Queen Amadala's royal makeup treatment, little Emma looked more like Queen Baby-Dolla to me!)

I just want to kiss her royal cheeks! For Emma's costume, I cut out a tunic and collar and hot glued black and gold ribbon to both --an homage to Queen Amadala's ceremonial dress.

The final two costumes were made for our favorite little Wookies ... .

Our cats, Sonny and Sarah!

Here Sarah sports the Princess Leia look with a white tunic and pipe-cleaner hairpiece. Hans Sonny looked so cute dressed in a brown Jedi robe with a little light saber tucked into his belt. The cats were less than enthusiastic about dressing up, but they were good sports to give Christian a birthday surprise.

Here are our Junior Jedis, poised for an afternoon of Jedi training!

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