Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make a Handbag Cake

Have you seen the must-have handbag cake of the season?

I made this stylish cake over the weekend for 10-year-old Grace's fashion-themed birthday party. For this posh party, guests were invited to bring their favorite outfits. After visiting stations for hair and makeup, the girls walked the runway in a fashion show complete with lights and music.

To make a handbag cake, bake two square cakes and allow them to cool. Cut each cake in two, with one half a little larger than the other. Put a little buttercream icing on the bottom of the largest half, and place this piece icing-side-down on your serving platter. Spread a layer of icing on the top of this cake piece, and top it with the next largest half. Stack the other layers of cake, largest to smallest, sealing with icing between each layer. Insert dowels into the cake to keep the layers from shifting. Then use a serrated knife to shave away cake to get a smooth handbag shape.

Frost the cake smooth with buttercream icing, use a toothpick to trace a design into the icing, and pipe on details as desired.

Believe it or not, this post inspired my zebra-print look. A hot pink icing monogram and mini-ball fringe add pops of color to the cake, and fun details complete the design. Headbands tucked into the cake make cute handles for the purse, and Grace can recover them as desired after the party. A candy bracelet tucked into the top of the handbag hangs down the side of the cake. A little icing makes it look like a key fob for our fashionable "tenager." The cake started leaning, so I tucked a heavy square vase behind it for extra support. With a few pink flowers tucked in, the vase looks like part of the original design plan. Sunglasses and a couple of tubes of lip gloss tossed alongside the cake complete this year's latest look.

A fashionable cake for a model birthday girl!

Speaking of fashionable finds, my best girlfriend Vonda has just started a blog. Stop by Vonda's Lavish Life to say hello!

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