Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Rock & Roll: Carson's 12th Birthday

I am eagerly awaiting Carson's arrival home from a week at Inspire at Faulkner University, so thought I would take a moment to share photos from his 12th birthday party this spring. We combined two of his favorite activities -- playing Guitar Hero on the Wii and rollerblading -- for a fun afternoon with friends. We tied the two activities together with the theme "Let's Rock & Roll."

Fun black and white invitations invited guests to rock over to our house to get things started, then rock out from a nearby skating rink at the end of the afternoon. I designed the invitation in Word, turning a guitarist graphic black and white so I could add black circles to his shoes to look like wheels. Just to add a final detail, I added silver beaded trim to the wheels.

Carson's in-line skates are blue, gray and black, which set the color scheme for our party. Color was a good way to unify our theme.

Brother Christian's Paper Jams guitar made a perfect platform for displaying guitar and skate cookies made by Lisa at Batches. I had intended to send these cookies home as favors, but my idea for a pair of 3-D in-line skate cakes flopped -- literally. I had a cute idea to prop shaped cakes on Oreo cookie wheels, but they fell over. Twice. At 2 in the morning. So ... I cried a little bit, went to bed, and bought Carson's favorite cookies and cream ice cream in the morning for birthday sundaes. 

I was so worried Carson would be disappointed that I made a mess of his cake, but he was really sweet about it. And in the end, I think he liked having something different.

And really, could these cookies be any cuter? Lisa really helped bring our Rock & Roll theme to life.

After rocking video games and snacks at home, we rolled out to the rink for an afternoon of skating. Because of the lighting, I didn't get many pictures of the kids there, but here you see some of the guests taking a break. (Most are wearing t-shirts I ordered from Vistaprint to commemorate the day.)

Let's Rock & Roll!

Well, let me close so I can greet Carson when he comes through the door. I'll be back with more party fun tomorrow. 


Sherri said...

This is amazing! I absolutely love the the the it all!
You ROCK momma!!!

Kathy said...

I love your birthday party posts! You are the queen of birthday parties in my book!
It is disappointing when things don't turn out as planned, isn't it? Looks like it didn't spoil the fun at all!
I am busy planning my son's science birthday party for next week-end and hoping all goes as planned....
Stop by my blog and take a look at what we're doing! I'll be posting after the party, whether or not it goes well!
Can't wait to see the rest of the fun at Carson's party!

Marsha Young said...

Wow! You are one creative Mom and Carson is lucky to have you.

Sounds like you are glad to have him, too. :)

Blessings to you both. Marsha

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

OOooooh Mama. The early hours cake fiasco. I totally can relate. Good for you for coming up with a sweet {tasty} alternative. I'm sure the sundaes were a huge hit! said...

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