Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Painted Burlap Stocking Tutorial


This painted burlap stocking was the talk of my cousin Kristi's bridal shower last year. My aunt Diane Prichard made this stocking in a craft class. See yesterday's post for more details on WhimC. Instructions follow for making a painted burlap wall hanging.

1. To make a painted burlap wall hanging, draw and cut out a holiday motif onto newspaper.

2. Colored burlap is difficult to paint, so choose natural brown burlap. The tighter the weave, the better for this project. Place the pattern on top of two layers of burlap, and cut out the design.

3.  Paint the wall hanging as desired on both sides, and allow the paint to dry before proceeding. The paint will make the burlap stiff, which will help the wall hanging retain its shape.

4. Wrong sides together, glue or staple the edges of your wall hanging, leaving an opening for stuffing.

5. Stuff the wall hanging with plastic grocery store bags. This is an opportunity to recycle the bags, and the plastic stuffing will handle the weather if the project is hung on the front door.

6.  To hang your finished piece, slip a little wire through the holes in the burlap. You can choose thicker, decorative wire, adding curlicues to the ends for effect. Or disguise thinner wire with a fluffy bow.

 Stay tuned for several holiday giveaways this week!

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