Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Time

Today it is my blessing to coordinate a Twas the Night Before Christmas Brunch for our elementary school teachers and staff. As we decorated our Multi-Purpose Room for the festivities yesterday afternoon, our teachers were like little children on Christmas Eve -- eager to catch a glimpse of the surprises in store for them. And I must confess, I have felt a bit like a child waiting for Christmas morning as the event approaches. I will share all the details this week, but for now I will give you one little peek.

As I have told our PTO board members, this brunch is such a little thing -- a little breakfast food, a little music and little favors. But the love behind it is a big thing. Our nation feels broken in grief over the tragic school shooting in Connecticut last week. But even as our hearts break for the precious lives lost, our hearts also swell with admiration for the educators whose courage and quick thinking saved many lives.

Tears streamed down my face as I watched the segment above Friday night, in part because I know that my children's teachers would put themselves in harms way to protect our students if ever the need arose. Teachers are heroes, and I am so grateful that I can play a small part in paying tribute to our beloved faculty and staff at Wetumpka Elementary School.

I will be sharing more details of our brunch this week, as well as more ideas for teacher appreciation. Let's show our teachers how much we care!


Valerie said...

Oh, Melissa...

...this is such a beautiful thought and gesture! Thank you for organizing this with your PTO for the faculty and staff at Wetumpka. While not currently a classroom teacher, my 10 years in 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms are some of the fondest memories that I have! Our hearts break as a nation for the teachers and children of Newtown.

Looking forward to seeing more of your Christmas buffet for teachers,


Holley said...


I am so proud to have you on the PTO board at our school. You did such a magnificient job planning and decorating for our teacher brunch! I can't wait to see more photos!

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