Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweet Surprises: An Easy Dessert & Giveaway Winners

With a hectic week leading up to the girls' recital last Friday night, I needed quick recipes to pull together for dinner after the show. I shared recipes in my last post for ham and cheese sliders and potato soup. Find those here. And today I am sharing this easy but delicious dessert that everyone loved.

Hours before the party, I filled a shallow soup bowl with Heath Bar crumbles and placed a freezer-save plastic container nearby. Next, I scooped vanilla ice cream and worked quickly to roll the balls of ice cream into the crushed candy. Then I placed the candy-covered balls in the plastic container and placed the container in the freezer. At serving time, I filled waffle bowls with frozen ice cream balls, pressed a little more candy into the top as needed, and finished off the sundaes with drizzles of hot fudge and caramel. And then I became the most popular girl in the room.

This is such an easy, versatile dessert. Of course, you can use any flavor ice cream you choose, but there are so many options for the crunchy coating as well. Crushed Oreos, nuts, sprinkles -- what combination would you favor?

I appreciate The Ad Agency, Thirty-One Gifts independent consultant Holley Collier, and HerbNZest for their recent product giveaways. In order to ensure holiday delivery, I am announcing the winners today. You can still get 20 percent off purchases from The Ad Agency with the code "Lovely."

Congratulations to Kelli, who won the vintage print ad of her choice from The Ad Agency.
Congratulations to Southerner, who won the URU cosmetic bag from Thirty-One Gifts.
And congratulations to Renay, who won the Holiday Gift Trio and book by Monica Pederson.

Ladies, I have e-mailed all of you to get your shipping information. Have a merry Christmas!

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