Monday, December 21, 2009

The Gingerbread Kids

Mary Ashley and Emma are sweet as sugar in their new aprons.

And Lizzy and Emma are candy cane cuties!

Carson is so artistic, I was eager to see what he would do with his gingerbread house. Unfortunately, a headache cut his decorating short.

Christian discovers that part of the fun of a gingerbread house party is sampling the icing ...

and the house, too!

(All the children are so eager to eat their gingerbread houses, I am having a difficult time getting them to let us display them until Christmas!)

Notice Emma's face in this group picture, as she tries to figure out how to use the royal icing included with our gingerbread house kits.

These two were the most dedicated gingerbread house decorators. They had definite ideas about what they wanted to do, and I loved hearing the back stories for their houses.

Emma made two little girls out of candy -- herself and Mary Ashley making snow angels -- and tucked them into the icing in front of the gingerbread house. Precious!

Thanks, Emma and Lizzy, for helping us make some sweet Christmas memories at our Gingerbread House Party!

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