Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

This little girl, already a seasoned ballerina, took Mary Ashley under her wing this year. When Grace first talked to her in class, Mary Ashley gave her a bashful smile but didn't reply. She told me later, "I wanted to talk to her, but my baby talk was about to be showing." Thankfully, Grace didn't give up. They have shared a lot of giggles, and Grace has told Mary Ashley she wishes they were sisters.

It's fun to wear a tutu!

Bending over backwards to learn tumbling.

The ballerina princesses are ready for fun!


Nancy Hood said...

There is just something about tutu's that makes me feel all girly inside :) and little ballerinas? gotta love 'em!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful little girl!! such a precious age. i have two daughters and 3 granddaughters so I love little girls especially in their dance costumes.

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