Saturday, May 3, 2008


I was tagged this week by another Melissa. I knew her as "Little Melissa" when we were growing up together in Elba, Ala. She lived down the street from me, and our families went to church together. She was a beautiful little girl with long blonde hair that fell past her shoulders in sweet little curls. I can still remember watching her get on the school bus for the first time, and I remember how protective I felt of this adopted little sister. I haven't seen Melissa in many years, but we have reconnected through our blogs. Now she is an architect with a family of her own. Well, Melissa, we have a lot to catch up on, so maybe this quiz will help fill in some of the gaps.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was living in Lexington, Ky. Joe was finishing up law school and I was working as a magazine editor. We were talking about having children.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Neighborhood yard sale
2. Boys' soccer games (rained out)
3. A practice for Mary Ashley's ballet recital
4. Boys' end-of-season soccer parties
5. Iron Sunday church clothes

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Chocolate
2. Baked Lays
3. Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips (Joe's sister, Emily, did a commercial for Sun Chips once. I think she was a mom sitting in a field with some children?)
4. Fresh fruit
5. Frozen yogurt

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Give more to mission efforts and endow scholarships at Christian universities for preachers' kids
2. Pay for college for my children, nieces and nephews
3. Fresh flowers for my home and to share
4. Open a tea room
5. Build the house of my dreams and pay someone to do all my housework -- and I do mean all of it

5 bad habits:
1. Staying up late
2. Eating sweets
3. Falling behind in my housework
4. Spending too much on childrens clothing, especially for my girls
5. Underestimating how long it takes to do projects

5 places I have lived:
1. Born in Grand Forks, N.D., while my dad was in the Air Force
2. Memphis, Tenn.; Concord, N.C.; Jacksonville, Ala.; Weaver, Ala.; Elba, Ala.; and Morristown, Tenn., while growing up as a preacher's daughter
3. Nashville, Tenn., for college and the first year of my marriage
4. Lexington, Ky., for Joe to go to law school, then Elizabethtown, Ky., for Joe's first year of private practice
5. Montgomery, Ala., and Wetumpka, Ala., since Joe has been teaching law.

5 jobs I have had or have:
1. In high school I worked as an on-air personality for three radio stations and did segments on a local television show. I also babysat after school and in the summer for two sweet little girls. This family was so special to me! I think of their mom every time I call a sitter, hoping I can be the kind of influence that Mrs. Stephens was to me.
2. In college I worked at a daycare one Christmas. The kids were so sweet, but I had no idea how to manage a classroom full of toddlers. I was totally overwhelmed! The next year I wrapped gifts at a department store. I loved it! It was so much fun sharing in people's holiday surprises and wondering how their gifts were received. There sure were a lot of men buying gifts before we closed Christmas Eve ... . My first summer after starting college I waited tables, which is something I think everyone should do at least once. It is hard work and will help you appreciate people who work in service industries. My second summer I interned in the news department of the NBC affiliate in Nashville.
3. After college, I began working in the editorial department for Gospel Advocate Publishers, working on magazines and Bible school curriculum. I loved it! I have continued my relationship with the GA, writing a column and occasional feature articles for "Christian Woman" magazine. And they published my first book.
4. In Lexington I was editor of several magazines in the financial-planning industry. I enjoyed the editorial work, but wasn't passionate about the subject matter.
5. In 1999, I took on my most challenging yet rewarding position: Mommy!

5 people I want to know more about (and who I think might not mind being tagged): Kristi, Leah, Nancy, Julie and Rebecca
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