Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hold That Tiger

Carson's passion for the Wii game Guitar Hero inspired his recent rockin' surprise party. He and brother, Christian, have mastered "Eye of the Tiger" and love to perform it. I enjoy hearing this song, as it takes me back to my youth in Elba, Ala., home of the Fighting Tigers. It seems that one day I was a middle school student buying game day ribbons from the high school cheerleaders who looked so grown up, and the next day I was one of the big kids in high school myself. I have always felt so young hearing the boys belt out my old high school's anthem. But last week when deciding what to play with one of our party guests, the third grader gave them a strange look when they suggested "Eye of the Tiger." Confused, the 9-year-old replied, "I don't think I can play that one. I think it's so old, it's not considered a song anymore."

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