Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Blooms for Emma

Emma was the belle of the ball when we visited Jasmine Hill Gardens over the weekend. I got so many sweet sister pictures of the girls, but I also captured many special moments between Emma and the boys.

Emma put her arm around Carson for the bottom left photo in the collage above, but it was not until we got home that I noticed that she also clasped his hand. I love the tenderness these photos demonstrate!

And I get so tickled seeing Emma and Christian's similar poses in the bottom right corner of the collage above. They were not prompted to do this, but they are so much alike. Christian twirled Emma through the garden, and I don't know who enjoyed it most.

Mary Ashley and Emma loved pretending they were brides in Jasmine Hill's Wedding Garden. Maybe one day they will stand under the arch together as bride and maid-of-honor, and we will all remember the special memories they made in the garden as children.

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden." -- Author Unknown


The Quintessential Magpie said...

You have some of the world's most precious children, Melissa! These pictures are all precious.



Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

How sweet! Love all of those photos! :)

Shell in your Pocket said... very very sweet!
sandy toe

Christina said...

When I look at these pictures I see joy, innocence and purity. I see your children and the remind me of my own.
Breath taking!

gr. Christina

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh Melissa - these are just amazing.
It's these moments of seeing the precious relationships between siblings that I just thank the Lord so much that He's given us the desire to build family as a core unit. We tell our older guys...friends will always come and go, but your family will be the only ones always there for work on it now. Thanks for sharing. You always have the best pics. I see them all on my reader just don't always pop out to tell you.

Unknown said...

Melissa, being involved in a step- family, our children don't always have the closeness that I wish we did. However, there are few sweet and tender moments occassionally. I guess those sweet brother/sister moments lessen as the teenage years approach too. Oh, what I would do to keep my babies babies..

Beautiful pics!! Beautiful children!!

Allidink said...

Oh! How sweet! Those pictures really are adorable. So precious!

All the best,

Kathie Truitt said...

Melissa, Today was my day of discovery for "A Little Loveliness". I read it all the way from the beginning which is a very bad thing.

I am supposed to be doing re-writes/edits on my book, and instead I've been reading your blog (shame on me!!)

I live in Alexandria, Virginia and attend the "Chuch of Christ" in Dale City, Virginina.

I do LOVE your blog, and of course the pictures of your children are my favorite.

I am having a grand-daughter in July and I am going to dress her just like your little girls!

Love from the DC metro area,


Laura McCann said...

Are they always so sweet and kind to each other? I am amazed because I have precious few photos of such love expressed between my three.
Someone told me that it is best to have even numbers of children. That odd numbers breed many undesireable situations among them. Maybe I should have had just one more....LOL!

Saralee said...
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Saralee said...

What a delight to come to your blog! God has blessed you with such a beautiful little family. The best part . . . I can truly see the joy of the Lord in each one of those beautiful little faces. Melissa . . . you are blessed to be a blessing! Thank you for sharing such Godly beauty.
Hugs & Blessings~ Saralee

Jennifer Driver said...

Such beautiful pictures. You are becoming a wonderful photographer sis!

Jan's Blog said...

Hi Melissa: My name is Jan and I visit your blog everyday, for months and months I been your biggest fans. I've got several others watching as well. Your life, your children, your home, your all things that are in my fantasy life. You have a way of doing things that is so victorian romantic that I can barely contain myself. And, I will tell you that you have inspired me in several ways that have made my life and my little home more enjoyable. Well, I just wanted to say hello finally and if you get a chance to invite you over to see my giveaway. Your fan, Jan

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What precious memories! It was so nice to see a Jane Autsen quote!

You are so blessed!

Leah said...

Great pictures!

Catharina Maria said...

Again my compliments !

Sharon said...

These children are just too dreamy to be real. How do you stand it!? haha Thanks for all your work to make this beautiful blog!

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