Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Football Funnies

Watch out! These little moments are sure to tackle your funny bone.

Get to Work, Boys. Five-year-old Mary Ashley has been very serious about learning her new cheers. She practiced one of her favorites before the first game: "Office, Indians, office! [clap, clap] Office, Indians, office!"

True Blue Fan. When Carson was a toddler, Joe was feeling down after his beloved University of Kentucky Wildcats lost a game. "Daddy's sad because the Cats lost," I explained to little Carson. Always eager to help, Carson brightened and said, "No, he's not. I saw him under the car!"

Jersey Boys. Seven-year-old Christian was so excited to suit up for his first practice in full uniform, he ran to his room right after school to change. He stayed in his room for a while and finally emerged in tears because he had tried every tee-shirt in his drawer and couldn't get any of them on over his pads. He was so relieved to learn football players wear jerseys!

Must-Watch. Another of Mary Ashley's favorite cheers is, "What do we want? TV! What's that? Touchdown!"

Cheers to Emma. Three-year-old Emma was beyond thrilled to join the cheerleaders on the field during Carson's game Saturday. She gave Mary Ashley a big hug and stood beside her big sister to do her favorite cheer: Stomp and Scream. Emma has a difficult time saying the letter S, so it is so cute to hear her cheer, "Tomp and cream for the Indian team!"

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