Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Style Watch: Kadence's Birthday Boutique

Niece Kadence celebrated her first birthday in a big way Saturday with a boutique-themed party. My sister-in-law Shana asked me to make a party dress for Kadence using this pattern.

Shana made coordinating headbands for little guests who visited Kadence's Birthday Boutique. (Find directions here for making your own with dollar store headbands.) Notice the coordinating headband Shana made for herself. Could my sister-in-law be any more beautiful?

Here 3-year-old Emma models the new headband and boa she picked up at the hottest new boutique in town, inspired by the little fashionista below.

Although Shana gave her a new boa at the party, Kadence pulled out this boa she received at Mary Ashley's Fancy Nancy party in January. It must be a classic! And, of course, Kadence knows that the perfect accessory for any outfit is a thumb.

Here is a shot of Kadence's birthday boutique, a posh spot set up in a corner of the dining room where little girls shopped for this season's must-have boas and headbands. Shana even set up a mirror so the little shoppers could admire their new accessories.

My almost-2-year-old niece Caitlin poses here in her new boa. I was thrilled to see that she can still wear the dress I made for her first birthday! My little nieces are too cute for words!

Still to come in this fashion week: decor, food and family moments!

Photos, except the one of Emma, by Nathan Prichard

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