Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Throwing in the Towel

As a southern girl, I think loving monograms is in my DNA. But I have recently discovered that personalizing household items also helps teach my family personal responsibility. Lately I have grown frustrated finding wet towels dropped carelessly around the house, so when Horchow put these monogrammed Ralph Lauren Lawton towels on sale, I saw my opportunity to teach some "personalized responsibility." I considered ordering only one monogrammed towel for the real culprit, whose initials are IWM. He must be to blame for our scattered towels, because whenever I find one and demand to know who didn't hang up their towel, I'm met with a chorus of "It Wasn't Me!" In the end I decided to order one for each person in our household, so we can all identify and hang up our own towels. If you are thinking about throwing in the towel on your family's bath-time organization, find the lowest prices of the season on the fluffy towels pictured in the link above. And get free shipping with the coupon code FREESHIP through tomorrow morning!

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