Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating Tea

All it takes is one bouquet of soflty-colored pink roses, and at once an ordinary weekday holds the promise of unexpected beauty.

A few stolen moments to peruse a favorite tea lover's book, like The Pleasures of Tea: Recipes and Rituals by Kim Waller, and now the day holds endless possibilities.

I told myself I was not going to buy fresh flowers when I stopped in for a few groceries. It was such a busy week, and I was going out of town for the weekend.  But with their ruffled edges and soft shades of pink and green, these lovely roses weakened my resolve. And so I decided that even the most hectic week needs a touch of softness.

Clustered in a tea pitcher and surrounded by tea accoutrement atop a pretty tray, these roses beckon passersby to pause from the day's tasks to savor an unhurried cup of tea. 

Pretty china like this sugar bowl in my favorite Homer Laughlin pattern, Arcadia, reminds me of teatimes past. I collected pieces from this pattern years ago at a favorite antique store in Kentucky. Arcadia's soft pink border, delicate gold edging and cluster of pretty flowers make it a perfect choice for teatime.

I hope you will pause from your busy schedule to join me each day this week to celebrate tea. Along the way, we will visit a nearby tea room; discover a new book about tea that is sure to become a favorite among tea drinkers; and even share a special giveaway.

As the busyness of fall threatens to engulf us, I hope a week devoted to the pleasures of tea will infuse our days with serenity and loveliness.

"Each of us has the privilege of our own tea ritual. I know tea lovers are keen to have the proper setting, the right time of day, the carefully selected book at the ready. And let us not forget our tea friends. What better excuse to get together in informal ways? Tea also inspires us to create tasty treats for our own quiet moments or special gatherings. I am amazed at how varied the fare can be. So please come to the pleasures of tea with the great expectation of delight." ~ Nancy Lindemeyer in The Pleasures of Tea

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