Friday, March 2, 2012

Christian Woman Magazine Giveaway

I have been anxiously awaiting my author copies of the March/April 2012 issue of Christian Woman, and I am so pleased they are here!

As a contributing editor, I write the "Creative Corner" column in each issue of Christian Woman. But a few weeks ago, CW offered me an exciting new opportunity: photographing well-known sculptor Clydetta Fulmer for the cover. I admit, I was a bit nervous about taking this on, but my afternoon at Clydetta's studio was such a blessing. Besides touring Clydetta's studio, talking about her passion for art, and roaming the grounds her family has called home for generations, at the end of the day I had collected handfuls of fresh spring flowers and a camera full of beautiful photos. I am delighted with the new cover -- and relieved that the CW staff and Clydetta are pleased, as well.

The March/April issue includes an article Clydetta wrote, as well as a profile about her work. In "We Are Clay in the Hands of God," Clydetta compares our Christian walk with the sculptor's clay. She writes, "Without the artist, the clay is amorphous; it has no determinate form. Through the skill and labor of the artist's hands, the clay takes on a meaningful form. In the same way, without the Lord, our lives are chaotic masses devoid of shape, form, color and meaning. But when we yield our lives into His hands, His strong, sure creative touch can transform our lives."

I asked Clydetta to autograph a copy of the March/April issue, and I would love to offer it to you. Please leave a comment below to enter this giveaway, and I will announce the winner next week!

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