Monday, March 12, 2012

Slumber Party Craft

I call daughter Emma my little Valentine since her birthday is February 13, and this year she wanted hearts, hearts and more hearts for her birthday. Hosting her party after Valentine's Day allowed me to find discounted holiday merchandise perfect for the party.

A Wilton Valentine Candy Necklace Kit provided an evening activity, sweet favor and tart snack all in one. Find a package of eight here.

Before the party, I set up our kitchen table for our craft and dessert. Mary Ashley poured each girl's candy necklace supplies into a pink ruffle cupcake cup. After supper the girls played for a while, and when I noticed a lull in their activity, I called them in to make necklaces. All the girls seemed to enjoy this activity -- both making it and eating it!

Still to come, our simple slumber party menu!
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