Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slumber Party Menu

Six-year-old daughter Emma had specific ideas in mind for the food she wanted served at her recent slumber party. For supper she wanted grilled sandwiches, so I arranged a platter of deli turkey and ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese and toasted paninis to order for the girls with our Rival Mini Grill.

A heart-shaped cookie cutter made our sandwiches extra special, served with grapes and chips alongside. I also served honey mustard dip for the sandwiches and french onion dip with Emma's favorite kettle-cooked potato chips -- both in heart-shaped dishes, of course!

Mary Ashley filled these pink ruffled baking cups before the party. Originally I had planned to make fruit salad for the party, but since we used Emma's new bedspread as our tablecloth, I decided that a handful of grapes would be less likely to stain the coverlet. And it repeated our pink and green color scheme!

Strawberry milk tastes even better served in a pretty bottle with a festive straw.

Emma wanted neopolitan ice cream and brownies instead of a cake this year, so we had a sundae bar. This turned out to be lots of fun for the girls. Before the party I set up our kitchen table with parfait glasses, candy sprinkles and brownie bites. After supper and playtime, the girls made candy necklaces and ice cream sundaes. Hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream were toppings of choice. A Wilton Valentine sprinkle set put a little love in our sundaes. When the girls got the munchies later that night, we popped popcorn before settling in to watch a movie.

I kept our breakfast menu super simple with a buffet of muffins, fruit and cereal. Emma wanted lots of hearts in her celebration, so Lucky Charms was magically delicious for filling an apothecary jar.

Milk, orange juice and hot chocolate gave the girls plenty of choice.

The Birthday Girl wanted hot chocolate with heart sprinkles -- a great way to celebrate her first successful sleepover!


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