Monday, September 29, 2008

Down a Country Road

You never know the blessings that await you when you venture down a country road. I spent a lovely weekend roaming some of the loveliest back roads of Tennessee and Kentucky.

I spent Friday night with my sister, Jennifer, in Nashville. Our time together was so brief, it only made me long for another visit! Saturday morning I drove to the lovely town of Portland, Tenn., for a ladies day. I was eager to meet all the ladies of the Fountain Head Church of Christ, and I especially couldn't wait to visit with Mrs. Jewell Hearn, a longtime friend of the Lester family. My best girlfriend, Vonda, came down for the day, and I spent Saturday night with her in Kentucky. Although we had not seen each other for more than a year, Vonda and I picked right up as if no time had passed. And I enjoyed spending time with her husband, Mike, and their sweet little girl, Hannah.

This was a glorious weekend to celebrate sisters of all kinds -- family members bound since birth, longtime girlfriends, and new found friends. Different types of sisters, but all God given.

During the ladies day I was struck by the beautiful scene across the street from the church building. A weathered gray barn stood tall in a field of yellow, set against the backdrop of distant trees and a brilliant blue sky. Late in the afternoon, Vonda and I crossed the country road to get a better look. As we viewed the autumn splendor stretched out before us, I was reminded of the women my weekend celebrated -- vibrant, colorful, ever changing, and most of all, more beautiful with each passing season.

What a blessing it is to walk down a country road with your sister by your side.


Jennie said...

I love that kind of friend, they kind that time does not weather the ability to pick up where you left off.... beautiful pictures....

Shanda said...

The picture of that barn is so beautiful! You paint such lovely word pictures.

The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

You are so right, Melissa. Like you, I'm blessed to have sisters who are family members since birth, but the Lord is even more gracious to give us other sisters called friends with whom to share life's journey. What a blessing to have both! Beautiful inspirational moment. :-)

My thanks,

Sheila who loves that barn, too!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Beautiful post!
Tomorrow I am posting cookies that made me think of you. They'd be perfect for one of your tea parties. So delicious!

Suzy said...

You are so right it is a true blessing and it is great you had such a precious weekend.

Enjoy your week. Suzy

Lara said...

Great pics! Love the new hair!

Sweetie said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful. Your photo of the old barn in the country is beautiful. I have a sister too. She is my only sibling - and she is my best friend.

Me said...

know they loved you! glad you're home safe and sound :)

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

um, yeah, there's a good reason why you're a 'contributing editor' AND an author...

Your words are poetry, Melissa. Thank you for the blessing of your insightful prose.

I've enjoyed pouring over your old posts recently. How do you fashion such beautiful parties with four little ones in tow? I literally am like Peanuts' Pigpen with the dark cloud --- only mine is a perpetual cloud of chaos. I'd love wisdom from such an esteemed hostess!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend!! If that's your friend Vonda in the pic, she is beautiful!! I also love your hair. I got mine cut too, about 3 inches gone!! Glad to have you back, I'm sure Joe and the kids are too!!!

vintagewindow said...

Hello Melissa,

I was blog-hopping and found your blog. Very nicely done. This post caught my eye immediately. "Why"? you may ask....well I live in the Portland area. So glad you enjoyed your time in our lovely little piece of earth.

Have a wonderful day!!


Melanie said...

My sister and I love to take little day trips in the fall ...or anytime, just to discover all of the lovely things God has blessed on our planet.
The Barn reminds me of the one that use to sit in our yard. I was so sad when it had to be torn down due to years of neglect.
I did travel through your blog the other night. I had a lengthy visit. I HAD to catch up!:) I missed you! I loved the luncheon you held for Kaylee. It was beautiful and sooo up my alley!

You are so talented. The fairy costume is too cute. I had to laugh because I actually made fairy costumes for my girls this year. I was planning on posting pictures of them today with a little "how to."
I do believe that we are sisters!
Enjoy your day!

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