Monday, October 6, 2008

Candy Corngratulations

"Be joyful with those who are joyful" (Romans 12:15 NIRV).

A sweet high school senior from our church was just named Miss Wetumpka High School. I had just written her a note of congratulations when I learned that her mother was also named teacher of the year at our elementary school. When Joe told me the good news, I said, "Oh, my! Laine is Miss Wetumpka High School, and Miss Joetta is Miss Wetumpka Elementary!"

I'm so proud of these two Christian ladies and the way their lights shine in our little community. Somehow, another note just doesn't seem appropriate to celebrate their accomplishments. So I hope this pretty fall arrangement will say congratulations.

For this whimsical design, I used two cylindrical vases. I filled the bottom of the larger vase with a thin layer of candy corn, then placed a smaller bud vase filled about two-thirds of the way with water inside the larger vase. Holding the smaller vase steady and covering the top, I sprinkled candy corn around the vase to fill the space between the two vases. Then I filled the smaller bud vase with fresh-cut flowers and greenery. A pretty bow on a floral pick tucked into the candy corn adds the final touch.

I made similar arrangements using bubble gum at daughter Emma's sweet-shoppe themed "Tea for 2" earlier this year. You can see a sample of this sweet design in her candy land here.

I hope the candy corn arrangement above will add a refreshing touch of autumn to the Kellys home. And even more, I hope it reminds them how loved they are. And how proud I am that their lights shine so brightly in our schools.

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